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Rehabilitation classes at Physical Sense Gym and Physio keep people like you active.
Your classes are designed by
Physiotherapists and are run by highly trained and experienced gym staff. You are safe,  in good hands, getting fit and having fun!
First 4 classes FREE! Come in and try us out!
Mondays 11.30 am

Your rehabilitation class options

Stroke - Circuit designed to assist in all areas of recovery from a stroke,  delivered in a safe and social atmosphere.
Monday & Friday 11:15 am,
Tuesday & Thursday 11:45 am

Osteoporosis - Circuit and gym session to improve bone density and  well being in a friendly, social atmosphere.
Monday - 12:30 pm,
Tuesday & Thursday 10:30 am

Diabetes - Class designed for you to have fun and to give you the opportunity to be active whilst working on your health at the same time
Tuesday & Friday 1:00 pm

Vascular - Circuit designed to improve muscle circulation increasing pain-free walking distance, very social.
Monday & Friday 10 am

Senior Moments - Gentle exercise for senior citizens. Increase mobility and
strength while socializing with others.
Monday - 12:30 pm,
Tuesday & Thursday 10:30 am

Contact us for more information on
Physical Sense Gym & Physio
300 Colombo Street

What others say!

On physical gain
Helped me to regain confidence walking distances without fear. Learning to do exercise to strengthen my left leg
I have appreciated exercising in ways that stretches me to go further. I feel stronger especially in the upper body and more able to cope

On emotional gain
Seeing others in similar circumstances helps to not feel sorry for own condition
I do not get depressed about my weak leg
Confidence building, physical confidence which helps emotionally
Less embarrassed about going out and mixing with others

About the support
I can`t say enough about them. I think they are absolutely marvelous, very patient, great sense of humor, very supportive
Russell tried exercises that he would never have tackled without the support and care of the Physiotherapist and gym instructor. They showed a huge amount of patience and understanding